Our Team

Who are the people behind The Submissive Spirit? Our team is made up of Christian women, all serving faithfully in full-time ministry or in their local church. Guest bloggers are chosen because they have demonstrated their Spiritual maturity and can contribute from life experience. We believe that spiritual maturity is not necessarily a product of years, but develops from time in the Word, and a close walk with the Lord.

kim schmutzler teamKim Schmutzler

Web Administrator – Writer – Editor

Kim, and her husband, Craig, celebrated 28 years of marriage this year. Mother to four boys, and one girl, Kim has spent the past 22 years homeschooling her children.

If asked, she will tell you, she has always been a stay-at-home mom, though over the years she has worn a lot of different hats. The blessing was, that through it all, God allowed her to find ways to work without leaving her children during the day.

Kim directs the Children’s Music Ministry at church, teaches children’s Bible classes, and works as a web consultant.


A Personal Note From Kim

While doing research for the development of The Submissive Spirit, I was appalled at the number of Christian sites for women I came across that didn’t portray the Christ I know.

  • I believe in the literal, inerrant Word of God.
  • There is no doubt that I am as much a sinner as every other person in this world.
  • I am blessed by the fact that someone told me of God’s mercy and grace, and now I am forgiven.
  • Those gifts are from God and I did nothing to earn them. There is nothing I can do in my own power to make myself more “Godly” than my neighbor.
  • I am called to love others as Christ has loved me.

My goal for The Submissive Spirit is to promote true Bible doctrine, in a loving way, to non-believers, and to encourage my fellow sisters in their daily walk. This world is a rough place for everyone. May the love we show one another be a reflection of Christ’s love for us. I wish everyone could know the love of Christ as I do. If there is ever any way I can help you: questions, prayers, etc. please don’t hesitate to contact me.

My personal email is kschmutzler@thesubmissivespirit.com.


Hannah Schmutzler

Creative Designer – Photographer – Writer

A Bible College graduate, and future missionary-wife to Mongolia, Hannah spends her days taking care of her son and husband. She also takes on the church-related responsibilities that come with being married to a man in full-time ministry.

Her education major and experience as a primary and secondary teacher served her well as Sunday School teacher to Junior High girls. Hannah also helps with Choir, Vacation Bible School, Bus Ministry, and other Children’s Ministry.

While in college, she spent three years touring with one of the school’s singing groups. God has blessed her with a beautiful voice, and a gift for music.

Hannah and her husband, Cameron, just returned from a survey trip in Mongolia. This time next year, they will begin the process of raising financial support so they can move to Mongolia. There they will work to establish their own ministry.

If asked, Hannah will tell you she is a stay-at-home mom, though she devotes a good number of hours to the church. Hannah also owns and operates a professional photography business.

Most of the wonderful pictures at The Submissive Spirit are Hannah’s work and she has worked on the visual design of this website. We are so blessed to have her talents at our disposal. She has been a great asset to our team.

Praying for Hannah

Please pray that God grants her wisdom as a new mother (and plenty of rest). Ask that she be able to balance the needs of her family with the needs of her ministry and not neglect one for the other. Pray that God opens the doors for her and Cameron to get to Mongolia.

zephany teamZephany Schmutzler

Music Recordings and Arrangements – Translations

Zephany and her new husband are getting ready to embark on a new adventure. This summer they plan to move across the country to Oregon, where they will serve as part of the staff at a local church.

Growing up in a Puerto Rican and Dominican household, Zephany is bilingual. Recently, she spent a summer working in the Dominican Republic as part of a missionary team. There, she did a number of music translations, from English to Spanish.

Zephany also teaches and plays the piano, and has some amazing skills in the kitchen. Everyone loves her recipes!

Praying for Zephany

Please join us in praying for Clayton and Zeph’s new ministry. May God show them His will for their lives, and keep them focused on Him. Thank the Lord, for giving us young women, and men, that have a heart for Him and are willing to dedicate their lives to furthering the Gospel.

kirsten teamKirsten Schmutzler

Writer – Editor – Pianist – Social Media

Growing up as the only girl, sandwiched between two older and two younger brothers, she has always been a princess to the men in her life. The newest little man, her nephew Isaac, also seems to think she is pretty great.

Kirsten has given her life over to God, to use in whatever way He chooses. She currently takes classes at the local Junior College, where her focus is English Composition and is also starting her final year of Faith Bible Institute. Her future plans include transferring to a Bible College in Oklahoma and obtaining a degree in education.

In addition to taking classes, Kirsten works part-time, teaches piano lessons, and frequently volunteers her time at the church. With her love for English, she is by far the greatest authority on grammar at The Submissive Spirit and keeps the whole team in line.

Praying for Kirsten

Pray that Kirsten finds God’s will for her life. May He guide her in her education and keep her free from the harms of this world. Pray that she has opportunities to reach out to others her age, and share the love of Christ with them.