Meet our Team!


Kim, and her husband, Craig, celebrate 30 years of marriage this year. Mother to four boys, and one girl, Kim has spent the past 23 years homeschooling her children.'If you ask, she will tell you, she is a stay-at-home mom, though over the years she has worn a lot of different hats. The blessing is, that through it all, God has allowed her to work without leaving her children during the day.

Kim is deeply involved in her church, teaches children’s Bible classes, and owns a digital marketing agency.



Hannah was saved at a young age and was further blessed to grow up in a Christian home and a strongly missions-minded church. Some of her favorite childhood memories are of her parents often hosting guest missionaries in their home. She felt God leading her towards a life in ministry and overseas missions while attending Bible college. Hannah, alongside her husband Cameron and their two boys, are called by God to serve overseas as church-planting missionaries.


Zephany grew up in a multicultural home and was saved at  young age. She was very blessed to have been enrolled in music lessons early on and to have many hands involved in cultivating her love for music. She graduated from Bible College with a BA in music. This is also where she met her equally musical husband Clayton. Now she and her husband Clayton faithfully serve in the music ministry at their local church.


Kirsten was raised in a godly home alongside four brothers and was blessed to accept Christ at an early age. Currently, she is pursuing a degree in elementary education. Kirsten has a heart for music and children's ministry, which is where she spends her time serving while the Lord continues to direct and make clear her future.