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Where is Your Mission Field.

I looked on as the Duk-Duk jumped erratically and spun around the young boys who followed lethargically, their eyes glazed over as if in a coma.But these boys are healthy… why are they acting as if they are in a trance?Something was very very wrong.What is a Duk-Duk?He looks like a dancing bush.  I can’t […]

Serving Overseas – A Humorous Adventure

a couple of years ago

Serving overseas is an adventure! Americans have little concept of what life is really like in other countries. If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you know things can be quite different.  Either you love it or hate it. You cringe or you laugh – sometimes both. Here’s a brief and humorous look at what I’ve experienced the […]

Arrows Are Meant to Fly

a couple of years ago

Missions Minded Family – Arrows Are Meant to Fly – Part 1 Unlike many male-dominated sports, archery has been practiced by women throughout the ages. The Victorians considered it an admirable pursuit for genteel ladies. This occurred, during an era, when most genteel women spent their time learning to embroider, watercolor, or sing. Not many of […]