Vocal Music

Most churches incorporate some form of vocal music into their Worship Service. Regardless of the style of music used in your church, it’s hard to go wrong with a piece that is both lyric-focused, and based on Scripture.

Here are some songs, along with links to their sheet music or accompaniment track, that we recommend. If possible, we have tried to include recordings of the songs being performed. These are not professional recordings, just faithful women singing to the Lord. We hope they are a blessing to everyone.

Vocal Music Recommendations

La Via Dolorosa  by Sandi Patty (Includes both Spanish and English verses)

I’m Amazed by Steve Amerson & Cary Schmidt

I Will Go by Steve Green

In You Alone by Kim Hill

With All My Heart by Joann Rosario

God Loves You by Jaci Valasquez

My God Will Always Be Enough by Karen Peck

Heal the Wound by Point of Grace

He is Mine (SSA)