I’m Amazed – Vocal Music

I feel personally overwhelmed every time I think of what God did for me. Each time I hear I’m Amazed, it brings tears to my eyes. Zephany does an amazing job representing the emotions behind the words. Listen and then thank the Lord that He loves you and cares about you in such a personal way.

– Kim Schmutzler

“I’m Amazed” by Steve Amerson & Cary Schmidt

From: http://www.amersonmusic.org/bio_short.html

“On a normal Sunday, one will find Steve singing in a church someplace in North America and on many Mondays he will be in the studio singing for a movie or television show or singing about the qualities of a certain automobile or airline for a commercial. To some it might seem strange, but for Steve Amerson it’s all part of being salt and light in a tasteless and dismal world.”

Lyrics for “I’m Amazed”

Verse 1
In God’s heart there is a place
I was made to fill.
I find amazing grace
When I’m found within His will.
He’s reserved a sacred place
Where we can spend the day
And He’s waiting there for me
Inviting me to stay.

And every day
I’m amazed
That God would spend the day with me.
I’m overwhelmed
By His grace
That He would feel such love for me.
To Him I’m worth saving.
My heart is craving
To know Him and His righteousness
And understand His ways.
Every day – in every way –
I’m amazed.

Verse 2
In my heart there’s a place
That only God can fill.
He covers my disgrace
With the blood that Jesus spilled.
He invites me to a place
Where we can spend the day
And He’s waiting there for me
Inviting me to stay.

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Zephany Schmutzler

About the Author

Zephany Schmutzler

Zephany and her husband, Clayton, are getting ready to embark on a new adventure. This summer they plan to move from Oklahoma to Oregon, where they will serve as part of the staff at a local church. Because her parents are Dominican and Puerto Rican, Zephany grew up speaking both English and Spanish. She was able to use her language skills when she spent the summer working in the Dominican Republic as part of a missionary team. There, she worked with kids and did a number of music translations. Zephany holds a degree in music from Heartland Baptist Bible College. She majored in vocal performance and also composes and plays the piano. Besides her music, she has some pretty formidable skills in the kitchen. At the Submissive Spirit, we love it when she pulls out a new recipe!