Worldwide Missions – Every Day Missions

a couple of years ago

“You’re just a mom taking care of your baby. How could you possibly contribute to worldwide missions? Surely that requires someone more adventurous with more freedom.” Satan whispered to me.

Maybe he’s right. What did I have to offer? The doubts swirled in my head as I glanced over at my snoozing little one. Even if I went overseas on a missions trip, I’d spent most of the time doing what I do every day in the States. Feeding the baby, doing laundry, making meals, cleaning the house, changing diapers, doing more laundry…It sounded so “every day.” Yes, that’s the point.

Worldwide Missions vs Every Day Missions – Different Yet the Same

Maybe worldwide missions needn’t be as foreign as it seems. Oh, the danger! Beware, the climate! Consider the diseases! We are good at coming up with reasons for why mission work is impossible for us personally. If I had a dollar for every time someone told me, “You can’t take that baby overseas!” But they have babies there too.

Sure the culture might be different. Maybe the food tastes strange to us. Perhaps we can’t communicate with anyone just yet. However, people around the world still have to eat dinner too. They still have families just like we do. Tomorrow, they will drive or ride to work. They still have to do the basic everyday things in life—just like me.

So who am I to say that I couldn’t do ordinary things but in a different setting? Witnessing is important on my street in America. And missions still needs to be done on a little dirt road that Google maps can’t even find.

We must get over the mindset that being different is synonymous with bad.

Making Mountains Out of Molehills

We can’t go to the mission field and build red, white, and blue walls. Jesus went to where the people were. He never expected them to rise to His standard. We’d all fall short anyway (Romans 3:23).

We tend to turn our preferences into absolutes.

  • Is it my preference to change my baby’s diaper on my lap while squatting on a wet floor? No. But is it impossible or am I above that? No.
  • Is it my preference to buy groceries from 5 different little stores because there’s no such thing as a supermarket? No.
  • Is it my preference to be stared at constantly or have people take incognito pictures of the novelty of my white child? No.
  • Is it my preference to go passing out Gospel tracts in back alleys with only unstable concrete pavers separating my feet from slipping into running sewage? No.
  • But is it impossible or am I above that? No.

For the cause of Christ, there is nothing that I absolutely cannot do.

Everyday Missions is Your Responsibility

If not you, then who? The one thing God has given us all is time. He has asked us to redeem it (Ephesians 5:16).

  • If I have time to swing by Starbucks with my girlfriends, then I have time to drop in for tea in a palm tree shanty with a former prostitute who needs Christian fellowship.
  • I suppose if I have time to make a new gourmet recipe for my family, then I have time to make a big pot of boiled rice or dumplings for a group of hungry teens whose Buddhist families don’t care if they come for a Friday night activity.
  • If I have time to watch a funny video online, then I have time to teach a fun Bible action song to a group of children.

The above examples were not right versus wrong scenarios. They were meant to show how something ordinary, something every day can be used to impact eternity. It’s not necessary for everyone to surrender to worldwide missions, but all Christians are called to witness to the unsaved. They live everywhere and we interact with them every single day.

Whether It is Worldwide Missions or Every Day Missions – Be All There

One of my all time favorite missionary quotes is from Jim Elliot, martyred by the Auca Indians in Ecuador whom his widow later reached for Jesus. He said, “Wherever you are, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.”

I desire my life to count for Christ. I am determined that either here stateside or there overseas, I will be all in. It matters not where, but what. God calls some of us to stay home and support and pray. God calls others of us to go. Either place, we must give it our best with the help of God’s grace.

Missions is a lifestyle, not a geographic location. I can just as easily hand a Gospel tract to the woman behind me in line at Walmart as I can to the woman at the roadside stand selling papayas. When we see souls rather than race or color, that’s when we begin to see through the eyes of Christ.

The Adventure of Your Life

So, mom desperate for adventure…wake up and realize you’re living it already! If you are a follower of Christ, everyday experiences are your adventures. Serving God is the greatest thrill.

You don’t have to live overseas on a mission field because the mission field is all around you. Yes, even that little boy napping on the couch next to you is your mission field right now.

Everyday mission work is God’s way of showing us why He left us here on earth still. Look around you. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunities God is uniquely granting you today.


Hannah Schmutzler

About the Author

Hannah Schmutzler

Hannah and her husband Cameron are currently on deputation, raising support so they can begin full-time missionary work in Mongolia. She juggles the demands of traveling with those of a toddler and keeps a sweet spirit through it all. Hannah has authored two books in addition to her writing for the Submissive Spirit. She also blesses us with her beautiful voice.

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