God Heals the Pain of Divorce

a couple of years ago

My story is one of pain, darkness, disbelief, loneliness, sadness, happiness, light, healing and love; but, above all the absolute greatness of our LORD. I learned that God heals the deepest of wounds and sees us through our fiercest battles.

God Heals the Pain of Divorce

water lily god heals griefThis journey in my life began when I was 53 years old. The same year I lost my beloved mother, an angel living on this earth, my husband of 35 years asked for a divorce and said he never loved me. I began the task of grieving two very important people in my life, and had neither of them to help with the loss of the other.

I learned so much during this time. In the midst of such pain, you can survive this with GOD’s help. I learned grief is very personal and you proceed at your own pace. I also learned there are three kinds of people in your life during difficult times:

  • People who stand with you.
  • People who walk away.
  • The people who cause the pain.

I found this to be very true and I found comfort in knowing this. I also found GOD replaces those people who walked away with wonderful new friends, a job I never knew I could do and my own little safe haven, called home. The constant in all this is the love and joy of my Dad, my three kids and my five precious grandkids, whose love glues my shattered heart together with each smile, hug and kiss!

I am 60 now and I may be living out plan B but I am doing all right. Some days are better than others, and some days I constantly whisper “GOD help me” a hundred times. I don’t know if GOD will bring someone into my life and I am not actively looking for that. All I know is that GOD loves me, carries me and blesses me. I am OK! I can so this one step at a time! Besides, I know the end of the story……GOD wins so I win! GOD bless you all!

Submitted by: M.R.


Editor’s Note: 

This testimony is one in a series of stories given to us by women who have seen how God heals. The hurts here are real, and as much as possible, we have tried to leave the articles as they were written. Sometimes it is hard to put into words the deep emotions that go along with both the hurt and the restoration.

It is our greatest hope that you will find encouragement from these stories; knowing that God can see you through your troubles. Be strong in faith and let us know if we can pray for you. You can leave a comment below or send us a private email.

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