Our Prayer

If I ask for a thing that I should not ask for
If I pray for a thing selfishly 
If I ask for myself and not for my neighbor 
Lift this veil from my eyes and let me see. 

Not my will, thine by done," prayed Jesus. 
May this same prayer be mine every day. 
When this robe of flesh that I wear makes me falter, 
Guide my steps, hold my hand all the way. 

If I murmur about the toil of my journey, 
If I seek for an easier way, 
If I worry because my load gets so heavy, 
Make me willing to walk in thy way. 

When my pathway is dark and my heart is so weary, 
When I feel all alone in this fight, 
Come, dear Lord, walk with me along this pilgrim's journey 
Be my compass, be my chart, be my guide.

Arthur Smith - 1957


Offering hospitality does not need to be a grand effort. Christian hospitality is nothing more than making someone feel welcome and sharing whatever resources you have available. Whether you enjoy entertaining  large groups or prefer visiting one-on-one, the Bible tells us to reach out to others. Discover ideas on how you can serve others.


It doesn't matter who we are or where we live.  As Christians, we are commanded to "Go forth and Spread the Word." So, whether at home or abroad, every Christian is a missionary upon accepting Christ. When was the last time you shared the Gospel? Our Missions Page shows ways you can get involved in reaching others.


Christian music is one of those "hot topics" where a lot of good people disagree. The Bible says a lot about music and we advise you to search the Scriptures and pray for wisdom in determining the difference between doctrine and preference. Regardless of your preferences, here are some music resources, both vocal and instrumental, we think everyone will enjoy.


As Christians, we need to teach God's Word to the world around us. As Christian women, we are to instruct one another, and as mothers we instruct the children the Lord has placed in our lives. Whether it's in the classroom or at home, we all need a bit of inspiration now and then. Check out these great tips and ideas on how to teach more effectively.